Educational Сontent Marketing for Blockchain Companies — New Year's Sale!
White Paper Creation
The main goal: provide a final white paper for your project or consult with you about the weaknesses of your current WP
The process
Analyzing your project and goal (need to work closely with the team)
Compose basic white paper draft
Final white paper creation
The team on the project
Project manager
Team of experts focused on product, market, tokenomics
Cost per white paper: starts from $1,500 (the minimum package: WP draft)
Current white paper review: starts from $600
We provide all the necessary information needed to create the final in-depth white paper that will be presented to an audience. It will be a complete presentation that covers the industry challenges, the unique selling proposition of the project, market overview and niche, technical specifications (based on the technical details provided by you), tokenomics, and ICO details. You could also start with a fast review of your current white paper. This offer includes a complete review of your current white paper, going over both structure and content: logical flow, chapter granularity, relevance of background research, plausibility of the business model, and tokenomics, as well as concrete and actionable suggestions for improvement.
To receive a portfolio and roadmap
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