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Investment Relations
The main goal: build communication with institutional investors throughout the world and fill the pipeline for your team in order to continue communications with investors for fundraising
The process
Step 1: Project research
At this stage, the analytics team will conduct in-depth research and provide a four-page report with all the information that is required to start negotiations with investors.
If you agree with the conclusions in the report then we will start negotiations.
Step 2: Negotiation
Build a list of institutional investors based on country for better negotiation.
Negotiate your project.
The final report will be made in Excel with contacts and results of the first negotiation.
The team on the project
An IR (investment relations) manager will keep up communication with investors
Analytics experts will provide independent research and create the report
First step (report creation): starts from $750
Second step (investor negotiations): starts from $1,750 per 1,500 contacts
This is the core process of ICO fundraising. It will provide you with an independent perspective of your project. The four-page report is our standard report that presents the information and research about a given project. We use a traditional approach to conduct independent research about each project that we present to our pool. Then the IR manager will reach out to the list of investors with a relevant and professional approach, which will help you to build a pipeline of investors.
To receive a portfolio and roadmap
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