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The most effective way to boost users (traders, miners, investors) to your product
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One year in educational marketing for blockchain startups
Answers the questions about what your platform does and why traders should use it
Explains how to use your product in simple words (e.g. node deloying for miners)
Step-by-step instructions about how to use your services (e.g. using a new crypto exchange)
A four-page analysis regarding investment analytics that examines your ICO project
We’ve built a network that distributes your materials to our many partners
Hacker Noon
A 10 million+ tech community ideal for in-depth articles about your industry
A community of 50,000 traders and investors who are at the forefront of their crypto journey
300K loyal traders on Discord where people can share their projects and interact with others in the crypto world
Has targeted communities (called subreddits) about any product: exchanges, trading tools, new blockchains, ICOs, etc.
This Q&A platform will help distribute your content through means of in-depth answers to relevant questions
Geek Forge Academy
This is a community of experts who are dedicated to educating the world about blockchain technology
Examples of our work

Guide Example
The 2018 Bear Market and cyber attacks on crypto exchanges has shown us that you need to learn how to properly secure your coins. So the HTT team has analyzed the current data made available on the Internet and created an in-depth guide about how to keep your coins safe:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Encryption
  • Browser security
  • Email security

We've implemented native ads by mentioning our client inside this article - this is a great way to gain long-term traffic without having to use the "sponsored" tag.
Reads in the first two weeks
Traders shared a post on their social networks
Readers in total, including distribution channels
+SEO traffic
Ranked high with targeted keywords on Google ("security", "crypto exchange" ...)
Distributed to
Cryptopanic, targeted Reddit subreddits, Quora answers

Manual Example
Howtotoken worked closely with the Bitcoin Gold team in Autumn 2017 when Bitcoin Gold forked from the Bitcoin network. Equihash was the main feature of that fork, which allowed mining with a laptop, so the target audience consisted of total newcomers who needed to learn how to start from scratch. This guide filled that gap by covering:

  • How to select hardware for mining
  • How to store coins
  • How to install miners on Linux and Windows
  • Solo mining and pool mining

We've created one of the most popular guides on the market, which was shared and distributed by Howtotoken and the Bitcoin Gold team.
370+ miners
Started mining right after reading the guide
Top 3 on Google
SEO traffic: top 3 on Google from the search term "how to mine bitcoin gold"
Readers in total, including distribution channels
Etoro Star traders featured our manual as the best on the market
Distributed to
Cryptopanic, targeted Reddit subreddits, Quora answers, 2miners, Steemit

Tutorial Example
Our client asked us to create a simple tutorial for seven services available on the market and compare them in terms of buying Bitcoins for newcomers. The goal was to be in the top 10 Google search results by using the keyword "how to buy Bitcoin with a debit card". We researched the current available content, analyzed it, and came up with solutions about how to create a better article that will have high rankings on Google. Some of the ideas were:

  • Adding "Non evident" steps to the tutorial for newcomers
  • Adding comparison tables with more valuable parameters
  • Creating beautiful infographics to compare the data

The article went well and is now ranked 7th on Google, giving sustainable traffic to all services mentioned in the article.
Readers in the first two months after publication
Top 5 on Google
SEO traffic: Top 5 on Google by using the search term "How to Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card"
1,500+ shares
Shared and referenced by more than 1,500 bloggers
More than 4,000 monthly outgoing traffic visiting the mentioned platforms

Report Example
The analytics experts at Howtotoken conducted their own in-depth research of the ADAB project and created a four-page report that is useful and understandable to investors from the crypto and VC world. This report helped the team receive independent research.
Views in the first two weeks
400+ replies
Received direct email responses from more than 400 investors, which helps the team examine market feedback
10,000+ investors
Total reach: More than 10,000 investors
Distributed to
10+ crypto pools, Howtotoken's, 1,500+ investors

Custom Project
We'll come up with an idea for the best educational content plan for your project
If you want to launch a special project for your product and need some interesting content, our team of editors, expert writers, proofreaders, and designers are ready to help you create the content you need. Just drop us a line to find out more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Some ideas:

  • A crypto trader diary that is posted 2-3 times per month. This will introduce users to your platform from a more personal perspective (here is an example). We will book the writer who will create the diary that could be published with your name on it.

  • Third-party comparison topics. This can be used to compare your service with others on the market to highlight its advantages over the competition.

  • Analysis. This report can be about anything: crypto markets, mining market, ICOs, etc. It's the best content to have on your blog. Our specialists can help write it and keep consistent for a long time.

  • Top-X listings, ultimate lists, etc: This is the best content that users share on the Internet, which will help you gain plenty of long-term traffic. (Here is an example: The Ultimate List of 191 ICO Pools in the Bear Market — Q4 2018).

Who will work on your project
Managing Editor
The managing editor has a deep understanding of the blockchain niche as well as solid managerial skills. He will be the one-stop contact who will coordinate the entire process and deliver quality results on time.
Crypto Writers
This is our team of handpicked writers who will create educational content about your product. We typically book 2-3 writers per project, based on the amount of content that you need.
We want our text to look good, so we work with native speakers from the regions we publish content to. We always start by creating content in English, and then we translate it to seven languages.
We can translate your content to seven languages: Russian, Korean, Japanese, German, and more.
Our team of designers will create top-notch visuals, including infographics, for our content.
These are the experts who will distribute your content to the right platforms, as well as interact with communities such as Reddit and Quora from high-karma accounts.
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